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We Teach Social Media

Simply put, if you are not using Social Media in your business, you're losing out!

Cormac O’Kelly

The ROI of Social Media is that your business will still exist in 5 years.

Erik Qualman

Social Media is one area of your business were you don't have to outspend your competitors in order to beat them!

Hal Stokes

Learn To Market Your Business Online

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Tom McCabe

Director, Bull Promotions

What Tom Says.

I have worked with Cormac in his capacity as a business development trainer and mentor and more recently as an executive coach. Cormac is a professional, dynamic, responsive and excellent communicator. He is one of the few people I know who has the the ability to truly listen – and be critical in a positive way. With his knowledge of the FMCG market, New Technologies, Digital Marketing and the ever changing digital landscape, he is uniquely positioned to help a business, regardless of size, to grow their top line.

Cormac is professional, client centric and dedicated. He proactively guides you to seek out opportunities and to reset personal goals based on results and trust. I am delighted to have worked with Cormac on my new business venture. I would recommend him without hesitation to any business looking to go to the next level.

Michael Phelan

Founder, The Kitchen Catering

What Michael Says.

The lads are a highly focused, driven and passionate individuals. They are inspirational speakers and encourage one to look at and into themselves in order to get the absolute best from that which they seek.

They both know what it takes to succeed in business and in life and they inspire others to find the answers for themselves in order to achieve their own goals.

Their combined communication skills are incredible; They are masterful at being able to communicate with individuals no matter their level or experience and fields.

They listen, learn and communicate at every level imaginable. They have both assisted me and my business by inspiring me to create, grow, and succeed.

John Burns

Information Services Professional

What John Says.

Dermot is a highly experienced business owner and coach. Dermots greatest strength is his enthusiasm to work with other people in a collaborative environment to deliver unique solutions.

Dermots communication skills are another personal strength. Dermot excels at helping other people to see possibilities rather than problems.

As a business coach Dermot is extremely good at forming rapport with clients. His unique blend of charisma, sense of humour, and positive energy bring the best out of people with whom he interacts.


Once you have completed the course you will be automatically added to a Facebook group along with the other attendees. This Facebook group will offer more advice and support and will act as a sounding board for ideas and queries. Also Cormac and Dermot will air on Facebook ‘Live’ 30 minute sessions where you will be able to have any further queries answered. If you miss the ‘Live’ event, the recording will remain in the group feed, so you can watch back at your leisure.Book Cover

Once you have booked you place on the course, you will receive a copy of ‘Mastering Social Media” written and published by Cormac O’Kelly. The book gives 10 simple hints and tips across 10 different social media platforms to help you gain traction.

Also provided at the end of the course will be a six month ‘pass’ into the member area of social media management. From here you can download various forms, articles and guides for use in your business. There will be lots of information added on a monthly basis to the ‘library’ area.


Dermot Day & Cormac O'Kelly
Dermot Day

Dermot Day


Dermot has worked with over 300 startups as a coach and trainer in everything from evaluating ideas, market research and finance to digital marketing, brand awareness and growth strategies.

Dermot will show you how to successfully integrate social media and digital marketing into your life and your business.

An expert communicator. Dermot makes difficult topics easy to understand and making ‘business stuff’ engaging, relevant and profitable.Dermot has 25 years management experience across multiple sectors including catering, manufacturing, retail, media and consulting.

Dermot has a Bachelors Degree in Business and Entrepreneurship (IADT). He is a trained and certified Lean Practitioner (CIT), Trainer and Digital Marketer (NCI). He believes in sharing knowledge and pursuing positive change, both in life and in business.

Cormac O'Kelly

Cormac O'Kelly


An expert in online business presence and creating business online personas that appeal to potential clients. Cormac has been using the internet for over 25 years and has grown with it. An engaging and entertaining speaker, he is adept at showing clients how to make the most of the web. With a degree in Marketing and a BSc in Digital Technology, Cormac is well placed to help your business succeed online. He is a published author of “Mastering Social Media”, a book about improving your company’s online presence.

In 2008, Cormac left a successful sales and marketing career in Unilever to go into business. He now runs a number of online businesses and a successfulc onsultancy business. He has worked with both global brands like Knorr, Kerry Group, Tesco, Yahoo and as well as many successful start up SME’s. Cormac has an exceptional ability to develop strategies that work. He believes that every business should be online to expand their customer reach and he can help.


I don't see the course I want. How can I find out if it's available?

We have listed our most popular courses online, but if you or your business has a need for a course tailored specifically for your industry, get in touch with us and we can see how we can meet your needs.

Why should I take this course?

The courses are tailored towards specific industries and those who work within them. Many people attend courses but find that the course content is too broad and difficult to apply to their own situation. We have designed the courses to give participants real ‘takeaways’ from each workshop.

Attendance on each course also entitles participants to follow up. We will be holding Facebook ‘Live’ events where you can tune in and ask questions. These post course talks will be broadcast within a closed group that you will automatically join. If you miss one of the talks, you can watch it at a time that suits you, as the course will be in the groups timeline. Dermot and Cormac will also post answers to specific queries that participants ask in these closed groups. And remember, you will also have the support of other attendees too!

Lunch & Parking

There will be parking on the hotel grounds and you can redeem your ticket for free parking at the end of the day.

Tea and coffee will be served during the day. Lunch is not covered but the hotels that we use will serve lunch during the day.

What is your refund policy?
  1. All course fees are non refundable once a course commences. Fees are non-refundable if a participant fails to attend a course on which a place has been confirmed and reserved.
  2. A refund less an administrative fee of €25 will be returned to candidates who cancel up to 10 working days prior to course commencement.
  3. If a student wishes to change the course they are attending it may be possible to change to an alternative course although they may have to pay the difference in price if the new course is more expensive.
What Do I Need To Bring?

We provide refreshments and course materials on all of our courses. Lunch is not included.

Where Are Courses Held?

Our courses run in a number of nationwide venues. When you book with us, we will send you a confirmation email which includes venue details and directions.

What Time Does Training Begin?

Our courses begin at 9.30 each morning and end at 5.00pm each evening. This may vary slightly by 30 minutes on either side.

Is There Any Post Course Support?

You will be made a member of a closed Facebook group were Dermot and Cormac will be posting more information, Facebook ‘Live’ video tutorials and it will be a place were you can bounce ideas and questions of everyone in the group.

Book On

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

I Have More Questions.....

If you have any further questions that are not addressed on the site, please email us and we will answer your questions for you.

Member Section

Coming Soon!

The Library

Wouldn’t it be great to have instant access to customisable business card templates, workbooks, and much more for your business? We thought so too, so The Library will be available soon.

The Online Courses

Training is one of our favourite aspects of this business. Our courses allow us to go in-depth on topics like technology, marketing and social media helping clients to grow.

The Coaching

Hiring a business coach can be one of the best moves you made for our businesses. Having an experienced, successful entrepreneur give objective, actionable insights is crucial for growth.


The Articles

The Social Media Management Blog is a gold mine filled with step-by-step tutorials and how-to posts. We share a number of new posts each week, all geared toward helping you start, launch, and grow your business.

The Groups

As an entrepreneur, you can’t go it alone. These live, informal weekly Twitter chats, Google Hangouts and Facebook groups, we cover pertinent topics and are chock-full of actionable tips for your business.

The Newsletter

Once a week we send out an email with an actionable tip, insight, or strategy specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners. Think of it as an exclusive Social Media Management blog post in your inbox each week.